Photo Gallery

  • Egyptian Finger Grab

    A large group ice breaker in action.

  • Birdie on a Perch

    A group of college students scramble to find their partner.

  • DK And Flat Wall

    Participants climbing the Donkey Kong and Rock Wall elements at Camp Friendship.

  • Circuit 2

    Participants on the Traversing course at Camp Courage.

  • DK

    Belay teams supporting their climbers.

  • Tower 2

    A corporate team tests out the tower they built.

  • Alaskan Pipeline

    Middle school kids preparing to complete the Alaskan Pipeline challenge.

  • DK and Zip

    A pair of college students run off the zip line platform.

  • Debrief Circle

    A corporate team debriefs their high rope experience.

  • Giants Finger

    A high school team works together during a winter program.

  • Pirate's Booty

    A Facilitator goes over the rules to a team challenge.

  • Turnstile

    A group of teachers participate in a Ropes on the Road program.

  • Large Group 2

    A Facilitator leads large group activities.

  • Cable Walk

    High schoolers working together to complete a long stretch on the Cable walk.

  • Circuit

    Teens listen to instructions at the Traversing course.

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