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Zip Line: $5/Person Add-On / $100/Hour Stand Alone

Archery Tag: $15/Person Add-On / $25/Person Stand Alone

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Winter Programs

Winter Extreme Challenge

Take on the extreme conditions a Minnesota winter can throw at you in this 4-5 hour Odyssey. Learn to build a fire, complete team building challenges and overcome the high ropes course. Stay warm with a cup of hot chocolate made over the fire!

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Winter Survival Challenge

Your team must work together and learn necessary skills in order to complete this challenge. This 3 hour program teaches fire building techniques, shelter building, and winter safety. S’mores and hot chocolate are the reward for completing the challenge.

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Winter Pinnacle Challenge

This 3 hour challenge teaches your team basic orienteering, knot tying and belaying skills. Your team will work in small groups to discover components to build a fire as well as climbing gear to overcome the high ropes course.

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