This day was amazing! It was a fun day for our team. Adam
The facilitator was great at relating activities back to recovery. Prairie House Recovery
Each employee has a better understanding of their role and the specific ways they can improve their role. Will
Spending the day working with Team Quest was huge for our group and allowed us to grown and bond as a team. Ali
Our facilitator was great! He provided activities relevant to our overall team goals. Each activity stressed the importance of trust, communication and pushing yourself beyond the many mental barriers that stand in the way of success. Robbinsdale Armstrong Girls Basketball
The trust, teamwork and encouragement that were given consistently to the children was a positive thing. Big Brothers Big Sisters
When our group began our retreat, it was a group of divided members. Through the support of our facilitators, we were able to work together and become a united community. St. Peter's CC
The activities always meet our expectations and the leaders are always prepared for our population of students. The team-building activities help students be insightful. Students connect the activities with what is going on in their personal lives and develop some strategies on how to problem-solve effectively. Everyone left Team Quest feeling like they accomplished something.Jessika, SPED Teacher at Compass Programs
This is our 5th year coming to a Team Quest and every year is as great as the year before! We left a different group than when we arrived. We left more cohesive and aware of our individual and collective gifts as well as a respect for one another's strengths and places where our team members may need some support! It was great and we couldn't have gotten more out of it! Our facilitators deserve special praise! The leaders are always well-experienced and trained at leading the tasks at hand. It feels respectful, challenging and building. They are positive but know how to push the group to grow and take on new things. Don't know what I'd do without your partnership! I can't say enough positive stuff about you! Thanks!Katie C.
The event surpassed my expectations. We all enjoyed ourselves, the activities were spot-on for building trust and developing a stronger team of students. I was also impressed with the staff and their involvement with our group. It was a definite success and I learned quite a bit about some of our students by watching them interact with one another. Thanks again for providing Normandale students a great experience.Greg L.
The program was absolutely fantastic! It more than met my expectations! Comments from our staff: The best MS field trip I have ever been on. Saw kids engaged that are rarely engaged. Saw kids talking to other kids that they have never talked to before From our students: It was great. Can we go again? It was super fun. It was really cool. I liked the climbing net (from a student that was scared on it). It was a great day! Thank you for making it fun, challenging and a learning experience for all the students! I know we will be coming again!JoAnn, Developmental Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Our experience was amazing! The feedback I got back from the kids was outstanding as well as from our chaperones. The initiatives were extremely beneficial. I appreciate the breakdown and dialogue that happens after the initiatives the most. I will be in contact with you about my girls basketball team coming out for a trip. Thank you again! I will be in touch. You guys are amazing.Angie K.
Our students had a blast at your camp. Thank you and thank you to your team members. Everyone, including our teacher chaperones, enjoyed the day. We received more than we had asked for. Cecelia L.
We absolutely loved it. My students couldn't stop talking about how fun it was. Thank you so much. All the activities were excellent and very beneficial. I love coming at the beginning of the year and watch how my individual students react in different situations. It is so enlightening. We definitely will come next year. How about the same week, same Tuesday next year?Linda H.
For many, this experience was a bit out of their comfort zone and they responded well. I wanted it to be that way, as we need to learn to gently push ourselves (and our clients a bit) out of comfort zones in the recovery process. People really do get stuck! The experience was above my expectation relative to weather, nice and safe facilities, types of activities, processing opportunities, quality of leadership and the personal benefit that staff experienced. There was a good blend of initiatives and I was pleased that the high ropes were incorporated so well. That made the day! I would like to consider this for next year and will suggest it to the other teams.Paul S.