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A Day in the Life: Team Quest Facilitator

What is a facilitator?
A Team Quest facilitator is a trained leader that guides a variety of groups through team building sessions utilizing low and high rope elements, games and initiatives. These leaders come from a wide range of places and backgrounds and are trained in the Process Communication Model (PCM) in order to provide excellent experiences that develop leadership and communication skills and instill teamwork in the groups they serve. The facilitators' ultimate goal is to awaken the potential within their participants so they may positively impact the world around them.

8:00am – Set up and team meeting
As a group, facilitators decide on and set up the ground based initiatives (GBIs) and high ropes on the challenge course that pertain to the group's background, goals and special needs.
Immediately following set up, the team meets to cover group goals, background, meal plans, special requests and expected group sizes. This meeting also outlines who will be leading various large group activities such as the welcome, large group games or large group split. While waiting for the group to arrive, facilitators share ideas, try new games, relax and mentally prepare for the day.

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Being Reactive vs. Responsive

reactive vs responsive flow chart

In a biological sense, the term response falls into the self-awareness domain. If something is self-aware, it can react to a stimulus. We see this in the animal world through what we call instinct. Brain based research shows that we can condition ourselves to react to a stimulus therefore saving precious time. This was useful when our caveman ancestors were at the watering hole and heard a rustling noise behind them. A conditioned reaction allowed them to stay ahead of danger and out of the food chain.

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Let it Go!

Want vs. Expectation
In today's society we are plagued with the thought of tomorrow. We build in our minds a preconceived expectation of what tomorrow will bring. Some call this "setting goals" or "dreams," but really they are the false expectations we map out in our minds as the pathway to success. Before we go too far, I am not saying we should not dream big and make the impossible possible. What I am saying is we allow ourselves to believe that there is a clear cut path that leads us to our future and only one way to reach a destination. We do this unconsciously. I am sure as you read that statement, the logical part of your brain is saying, "That's not true, there are many routes one can take to get anywhere and I am always aware what I am doing."

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Step #2 Learn the Skills

On the challenge course we often do "walk and talks" as we move from one team-building element to another. One of my favorites starts like this: "Please pick a partner, decide who is the earthling and who is the alien. As the earthling, describe to the alien the definition of an egg. The alien can ask questions, but must imagine what it would be like to see an egg for the first time." This is a great exercise for revealing how complicated communication can be at times. Some of the best responses come when the alien asks the question, "Well, where do eggs come from?" When the earthling answers, the alien quickly interrupts with "Really? It comes from there and you eat them. GROSS!" This challenge illustrates the nuances of communication and how easily meaning can be lost in translation.

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It's Not Your Fault...But

TQ Blog 4

Count the number of "F"s in the picture above. How many do you see? If you counted six, you are correct! If you are scratching your head, look back at the word “of” and “scientific.” It is funny how easily we miss something right in front of us. We skip the word “of” because when it is read, it sounds like “ov.” It is not our fault “of” is pronounced “ov”, but it is our responsibility to know the difference. In this exercise, it seems like our mind plays a trick on us and we wonder, “Man! How did I miss that?” The same is true for communication; we often miss the meaning behind words because of how they are delivered. It is not our fault miscommunications occur occasionally, but it is our responsibility to be aware of others’ communication preferences.

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