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Have you ever had difficulty trying to get group participants to open up and share what's on their minds? Is it like "pulling teeth," when you try to debrief or process experiences with a group? Team Quest facilitators have felt the pain of blank stares and silence on a number of occasions. Over the last few years we have perfected several avenues to help get more from a group. We have designed a process that combines some of the best approaches and subsequently produced some amazing moments of self-discovery for our clients.

Q-Cards have a combination of uses; from icebreakers to initiatives and most significantly, use as an intentional processing tool. In one deck, there are 54 different cards with a number of activities that help invite open communication and creative thinking. The results you will get from these cards are quite incredible!

We have worked with some pretty tough groups. One group was a class of adjudicated youth, and all came with their typical warning labels. As we walked into the class, you could tell the teachers had their hands full. I'm not going to lie, the start was tough, but after a few successful and fun activities we had student buy-in. The next challenge set up a great opportunity to talk through some conflicts they were facing with each other and ways to find common ground between students.
When it came to the processing portion, we had the students pick a quote card that best reflected who they were and their values. The rule was when a person was sharing why they chose that card, we showed them respect by listening until they finished, then we could ask questions. The cards gave these students a platform to share what was going on with them and the ability to take ownership of themselves and their beliefs. The amount of open conversation was amazing. Students who typically communicated through challenging and bullying behaviors, were finding things they could agree on. They began to realize they actually had a lot in common. Afterward the teachers were amazed at how much the students opened up. The teachers said they couldn't recall a time when these students had shared a more productive conversation as a group.

Each Q-card deck is designed for maximizing communication, cooperation and building trust within a group. If you are interested in learning more about how Team Quest uses these cards to achieve more through team development experiences contact us at

Jason Colvin, Director of Team Quest

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