A Day in the Life: Team Quest Facilitator

What is a facilitator?
A Team Quest facilitator is a trained leader that guides a variety of groups through team building sessions utilizing low and high rope elements, games and initiatives. These leaders come from a wide range of places and backgrounds and are trained in the Process Communication Model (PCM) in order to provide excellent experiences that develop leadership and communication skills and instill teamwork in the groups they serve. The facilitators' ultimate goal is to awaken the potential within their participants so they may positively impact the world around them.

8:00am – Set up and team meeting
As a group, facilitators decide on and set up the ground based initiatives (GBIs) and high ropes on the challenge course that pertain to the group's background, goals and special needs.
Immediately following set up, the team meets to cover group goals, background, meal plans, special requests and expected group sizes. This meeting also outlines who will be leading various large group activities such as the welcome, large group games or large group split. While waiting for the group to arrive, facilitators share ideas, try new games, relax and mentally prepare for the day.



9:00am – Large group welcome and ice breakers
The welcome starts with facilitator introductions, a welcome to the specific camp and an explanation of the Team Quest program. Large group games are then used to get everyone moving and set a tone for the rest of the day. From this point, the large group is split into equal teams and facilitators are assigned their teams.





9:20am – Ground based challenges with small group
Once in small groups, facilitators discuss expectations of the day for both the participants and facilitator. Activities start up with names games, small group ice breakers and ambulators. Ice breakers prepare the group to work in a team setting as well as slowly breaking personal barriers and boundaries. Ambulators are ultra-quick team challenges lasting no more than 10 seconds. They are designed to get a team moving and heighten the excitement.

Initiatives are relatively quick challenges lasting 10-15 minutes with high success rates. They are designed to give participants an early sense of accomplishment and a taste for overcoming challenges as a team. The facilitator's role is to introduce the activity and give guidelines. Facilitators then monitor the group for progress and safety.

The basic skills learned from initiatives are applied in a more stressful or higher risk environment called elements. Elements last roughly 10-20 minutes each and can have a lower success rate. The completion or non-completion of a challenge can be used as a teachable moment. These teachable moments are processed throughout the day and incorporated into a "take home" message.


11:00am – Lunch

11:30am – High ropes course with small group
For many participants, the high ropes portion is the highlight of the program. Facilitators first walk their team through the pre-climb and safety talks. The role of the facilitator is to provide assistance to the climbers and belay teams. Facilitators are responsible for tying the climbing knots and inspecting all safety equipment.

The goal is to push participants out of their comfort zone and into their challenge zone. This is the zone that personal growth and development is reinforced. This tends to be the most physically and emotionally exhausting part of the day for participants.







1:00pm – Final Debrief, goodbyes and departure
The End of Day Debrief ties the Ground Based and High Ropes portions together. In their small groups, facilitators lead this discussion using an array of processing techniques. Everyone has a chance to share their experiences and what they got out of the program. This is usually the most rewarding part of the day for a facilitator as team members give thanks to their facilitator and their team for the support they felt or the incites they have gained. The team then reconvenes with the large group and departs from camp.


If you are interested in joining the team, visit our jobs page for more information and to apply online today!

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