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Finding Your Story

-A Storyteller's Approach to Debriefing-

During the past two weeks we have been training this season's staff of facilitators for the challenge course. Part of this training includes open space sessions, which are open forums where facilitators share their concerns about potential struggles they may face with a group on the course. We then address these struggles with on-the-spot training so the facilitators will be well-prepared for the course. One of the concerns mentioned was how to get the most out of debriefing. One facilitator said, "Well, I ask all of the right questions, but all I get is the silent treatment."

Debriefing can be hard at times. We can deliver information that is right in line with the group's goals and make connections between challenges and how this applies to everyday life, yet it often seems like we get no feedback from our groups.

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Team Quest Presents Q-Cards

QCards 2

Have you ever had difficulty trying to get group participants to open up and share what's on their minds? Is it like "pulling teeth," when you try to debrief or process experiences with a group? Team Quest facilitators have felt the pain of blank stares and silence on a number of occasions. Over the last few years we have perfected several avenues to help get more from a group. We have designed a process that combines some of the best approaches and subsequently produced some amazing moments of self-discovery for our clients.

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Take Control

Are we doing what we want and what is best for us? Or are we doing what we should do?

How do you measure self-worth? I believe discovering ourselves is the key to success and freedom. Sometimes in life we make choices that seem out of our control, and we do this because of others' desires. Notice I said desires, not needs. When we allow others' beliefs to dictate our decisions and direction, we give away control. There are times we do what we think we should do instead of what drives us. Jillian Michaels said it best at recent show my wife and I went to (and yes, I was probably one of ten supportive husbands in the audience.) She stated that when we allow "the should" to navigate us through life,

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New Website Design!

We’re excited about our upgraded website! Take a look at the services page. You will find your favorite programs and some new ones. We’ve been able to present at some new conferences this year and it was been cool getting to meet so many people. Keep an eye on our social media to see where we are heading next. Maybe we will be in your neighborhood. Not only was winter been great for conferences, but we have done a lot of PCM training sessions. It has been really neat to see so many light bulb moments happen for our participants.

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